Ambulance Service

Here are few contact details of Ambulance Services in Durgapur to the best of our knowledge.

Hope it will be helpful.

Durgapur Municipal Corporation
Address: City Centre, Durgapur -16
Contact No: 0343- 2546994

Amra Kajan Boys’ Club
Address: Edison Road, B-Zone, Durgapur -5
Contact No: 0343-2567055

Address: Durgapur
Contact No: 0343- 2567350/ 9434146991

Auto Mobile Association Of Eastern India
Address: A.D.D.A. 1st Administrative Building, Durgapur -16
Contact No: 9434250611

Bidhan Niramoy
Address: Durgapur
Contact No: 0343- 2537001

Bhiringee KaliBari
Address: Bhiringee, Benachity, Durgapur -13
Contact No: 0343- 2582969

Burdwan Sunmarg
Address: N-38 Abanindra nath Bithi, City Centre, Durgapur-713216
Contact No: 0343- 2545653

City Medical Hall
Address: Stall No.21, J.M.Sengupta Road, B-Zone, Durgapur
Contact No: 0343 2569297/ 8348696882/ 9851824446

City Poly Clinic
Address: Durgapur
Contact No: 0343-2546979

City Clinic
Address: Durgapur
Contact No: 0343- 2546600/ 9732079906

D.S.P. Hospital
Address: J.M.Sengupta Road, Durgapur -5
Contact No: 0343- 2563522

Durgapur SD Hospital
Address: Bidhan Nagar, Durgapur -6
Contact No: 0343-2534153/85

Gamon Friends Club Club
Address: Durgapur
Contact No: 0343-2554088

Lions Club
Address: Prantika, Durgapur -13
Contact No: 0343-2573419

Rama Medical
Address: J.M.Sengupta Rd. (Near D.S.P. Main Hospital), B-zone, Durgapur -5
Contact No: 0343- 2567252

RamKrishna Vivekananda Charitable Trust (Ambulance with Oxygen)
Address: B-57,Jayjayanti sarani, Sec-2C, Bidhannagar, Durgapur-713212.
Contact No: 09933055852/ 9333906980/ 09434214300

Rekha Ambulance Service (Oxygen )
Address: Opposite of The Mission Hospital, Bidhannagar, Durgapur-713212.
Contact No: 09475642498/ 9851526566

Sarada Group of Company (Free Service)
Address: 2/6 Doctors Colony, City Centre, Durgapur-713216.
Contact No: 8001761168

Vivekananda Hospital
Address: BidhanNagar, Durgapur
Contact No: 0343-2537707