Ajodhya hills

Ajodhya Hills are located on the eastern fringes of the Chhotanagpur plateau, in the Purulia district of West Bengal. It’s an extension of the Eastern Ghats mountain range that offers stunning natural beauty with various attractions. It is perfect for nature lovers to explore the lush forests and scenic trails through the hills. Ajodhya hills are ideal for picnics to experience the natural wonder offering scenic rolling hills and forested landscapes. This place is very popular among young mountaineers and provides them with the best basic training practice for rock climbing. 

How to reach:

By Bus:

Look for direct buses to the Purulia bus stand which will take 4-5 hours depending on the route and traffic. Then from Purulia you can easily get local buses or shared tempos heading towards Ajodhya Hills. 

By Taxi: You can also opt for a taxi from Durgapur to Ajodhya Hills for a more comfortable and quick journey.