Masanjore Dam

It is a massive dam that straddles the Mayurakshi River and is primarily located in Jharkhand but with some parts falling in West Bengal. Masanjore Dam is a popular tourist spot especially known for its scenic beauty and boating excitement. Built in 1956, it is also sometimes called Canada Dam or Pearson Dam which is 155 feet high and 2170 feet long. The reservoir of Masanjore Dam has a capacity of 500,000 acre-feet and covers an area of 16,650 acres when full. For other attractions, there is also a small village which is known for its natural charm and traditional way of life. Massanjore is also known for its wildlife sanctuaries, especially for nature lovers which provide a scenic backdrop and other recreational activities. Masanjore is easily accessible by road which offers stunning views with a peaceful atmosphere, just perfect for picnics and outings.

How to reach there:-

By Car:
It is the fastest and most convenient option as it takes approximately 2 to 3 hours depending on the traffic conditions.