Places to Visit in Durgapur

A true travel junkie recognises that the art of discovery entails delving deep into the nooks and crannies of each state, county, or town they visit. West Bengal is one of the country’s most beautiful states, with far more to offer than the usual tourist traps. West Bengal tours provide the full experience of the state’s history, food, and sightseeing. Prepare to dive deep and discover the heart of this state if you’re an explorer whose heart races at the mere mention of the word “travel.” Durgapur is a tiny West Bengal town where modern times collide with old school vibes. In Durgapur, there are many places to visit that you will enjoy because each one has something unique to offer you. Durgapur, also known as the “Steel Capital of East India,” gracefully merges small-town life with metro-worthy energy.

Durgapur is home to beautiful temples and a few other tourist attractions in addition to the popular steel plants. The heady scent wafting in the air from the local cuisine would undoubtedly make your mouth water. Durgapur is the place to go if you want a peaceful getaway that shows you how easy life can be. You’ll find anything you need to know about Durgapur in the sections below.

Bhabani Pathak’s Tilla

In his novels ‘Durgesh Nandani’ and ‘Devi Chaudhurani,’ the famous Bengali novelist Bankim Chandra Chattopadhyay popularised this labyrinth of tunnels. This location has since become a source of pride and a major tourist attraction for Durgapur. Pathak’s Tilla has been designated as a heritage monument. It extends from the city centre to the Damodar River. While in Durgapur, you should make a point of visiting this stunning place. However, be cautious where you go because you might get lost; stick to well-worn paths.

Durgapur Barrage:

This well-known barrage, which links Durgapur and Bankura, was built to manage the monsoon floods of the Damodar River. The River Damodar, also known as the “Sorrow of Bengal,” is known for overflowing and causing massive damage. The river’s water level is kept under control thanks to this structural elegance. In the evenings, the barrage and the adjacent bridge make for a spectacular sight. You can also hire a boat and relax for a while in the cool water while watching the sunset. Durgapur Barrage is mentioned prominently in Bankim Chandra Chattopadhyay’s novels, in addition to Bhabhani Pathak’s Tilla.

Durgapur Steel Plant (DSP)

DSP is a steel manufacturing facility in Durgapur, India.
The Durgapur Steel Plant (DSP), which was built with the support of the United Kingdom in 1955, is a must-see for engineers. This steel plant has been serving the country since it was declared independent, with the advent of modernization in the country. Understanding and seeing the intricacies of steel manufacturing in this vast complex is an unforgettable experience. You must first make contact with a member of the DSP team in order to access the site inside. The steel plant has contributed significantly to the country’s steel production and GDP growth. The hallmarks of success are their emphasis on growth, quality, environmental friendliness, and cost-cutting effectiveness.

Deul Park

Deul Park is the ideal location for a peaceful getaway where you won’t have to worry about lodging or food. Deul Park is a small village in a wooded forest that has been renovated into a resort on the banks of the River Ajay. The eco-resort meets all of your vacation needs by offering a relaxing environment. Since Ajay is a tributary of the Ganges, it possesses the same natural beauty as its mother stream.

Deul Park is not only a fantastic tourist destination, but it also has historical value due to its natural beauty. You should go for a walk along the riverbank and enjoy the peace and quiet. You may even ask the natives to tell you about some local legends!

Troika Park

Troika Park is a lovely amusement park in Durgapur. It was recently renamed the Anand Amusement Park, a fully operational amusement park open to both children and adults. There are both dry and water rides in the park that are well worth your money and time.

Kumaramangalam Park

This park is one of the most popular amusement parks in the state, located on Tilok Road in Durgapur. It has a series of musical fountains that are very impressive. You can relax and enjoy your day by hiring a ferry. The park is decorated with a massive bronze statue of Lord Ganesha and sculptures depicting traditional Indian dance styles. Adults will recover their energy after a day of touring by riding the toy train.

Garh Jungle

If you are a nature lover or not, the Garh jungle is a must-see. This jungle was known as Raja Surath’s Dharma Garh, and it was here that he performed Durga Pujo under Mahamuni Medhas’ guidance. Every evening, Durga Pujas are held in the jungle, which is thought to be one of the country’s oldest Durga shrines. Attend one of these spiritual pujas to feel the energy of faith and devotion.


Durgapur’s old business is now a market called Benachity. Small shops and establishments line both sides of the street, selling local handicrafts and handloom merchandise. Because of the market’s competitive pricing strategy, wholesale buyers often benefit a lot from it. Avoid taking taxis because the area may become congested; instead, take public transportation like a bus. Make sure to buy mementos for your family and friends from your Durgapur trip by taking advantage of the beautiful things for sale.

Ram Mandir

The most famous temple in Durgapur dedicated to Lord Ram, Ram Mandir, is located in Bidhan Nagar. You can pause here for a brief look at the temple’s carved walls, which are set in a wide garden.

Durgapur’s Cuisines to Try

In addition to the beautiful places to visit in Durgapur, traditional Bengali cuisine offers a wide range of options. There are many vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes available for anyone to sample. The following is a list of foods to try in Durgapur for a delectable meal.

Eggroll: One of the most delectable treats available is Bengal’s popular eggroll. Layers of crispy paratha, egg, vegetables, and aromatic sauces are rolled up into bite-sized delights. Prepare to be wowed if you order a plate from any restaurant.

Chicken Kasha is a well-known Bengali dish. Tender chicken with aromatic spices packs a punch you’ll never forget. Chicken kasha is a dish that should be eaten slowly, with freshly steamed rice as a side dish.

Mishti Doi: For the time being, forget about your diet plans. Bengal is the epicentre of all things good, so try them all. Mishti Doi is a sweet curd with a light flavour that is cooked in earthen pots. This dessert will leave you wanting more, and you won’t be able to stop at only one!

Durgapur is served by the Kazi Nazrul Islam Airport, which is the closest airport to the city. You can quickly find a way to commute once you arrive since it is just 15 kilometres from the city centre.

By Train: Durgapur is well-connected to all major cities in the country by scheduled, daily trains. If you choose to travel by train, you can reserve a seat on one that departs from your city or the nearest major city.

By Path: If you’re planning a road trip to Durgapur, you’ll be pleased to learn that the highways are well-connected. Since it is an industrial area, it receives a large number of regular buses and taxis.

Durgapur’s Best Time to Visit

Durgapur is best visited during the months of October through February. The sun isn’t as harsh in the winter, making it a good time to visit this Bengali capital. You’ll also have the opportunity to see the full splendour of Durga Puja.

Summers are hot and humid, which aren’t ideal weather conditions for visiting a new place, but if you insist on going, bring sunscreen and drink plenty of water!

West Bengal, India’s industrial heartland, is well worth a visit when you’re in the country. The opportunity to see such a massive complex would be enlightening for engineering enthusiasts. The steel factories, which were built as a result of the combined efforts of the best Indian and British minds, not only paved the way for modernization in the country, but also ushered in a slew of new job opportunities, higher living standards, and a better way of life for all people. This growing city’s natural beauty is also worth admiring, as it has managed to strike a balance between development and tradition. The places to visit in Durgapur are good choices among offbeat locations to explore if you’re looking for a laid-back break or a new place to visit in West Bengal. Durgapur welcomes you with open arms when sightseeing in crowded and mainstream locations becomes overwhelming.